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Here Is How to Develop Excel Applications


Many of us have found out that when creating applications using c# and excel is not very straightforward. For instance, if you want to write a code for you, you cannot use a macro, but you can do it using VB.net. It becomes even more difficult as you will notice if you want to program using C# in excel or any other office applications; this is because you must differently access the APIs through VBA. With all this, you will notice there is a long learning curve.


However, Microsoft gives full support for the C# in Excel API using the Visual Studio 2008 tools for Microsoft 2007and 2003. The two can be made available as downloads from MSDN site.


The purpose of this article is to make way for developers who want to use C# for programming interfaces using Excel 2007 or since it is the language they prefer. In this article, you will read outlines of references that include methods of initializing a workbook, how to access several worksheets at once or specifically, methods of changing a cell or access one. These examples can all use project templates of visual studio tools for office 2007. In the example of a workbook project, this one is a walkover showing you the programming basics using Microsoft C# with excel 2007. If you are programming the VSTO 2007, you should first view the excel 2007 file as a client of windows forms. You engage this form as you can using any other windows form through. Be sure to click here for more info!


In case you have already done so, you will first have to install after downloading VSTO 2008. Then you will find a toolkit in MSDN. Installing should easy and quick. Upon setting up the VSTO, now create a project through the visual studio 2008. You can do this also by clicking Ctrl+Shift+N. You now have a new project dashboard, go ahead and expand the C# node then select the office node. You will see many project solution templates to choose from on the right side. For instance, choose the excel 2007 workbook template. In the right fields, choose a location and give your application and solution, a name. Ensure you have checked the created directory for solution.


The next screen that will pop up, accept the defaults of using a new workbook, but you can use an existing workbook in case there are some functionalities that you want to add on the existing application. Maintain the xlsx default file format and finish the project by clicking OK. The project you have just created will be an excel workbook and not a windows form. Go to the solution explorer and see the C# file for every workbook.cs file or the excel worksheet. This is the same as the excel template of creating a normal excel spreadsheet. Discover more facts about software at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/accounting-software/.